We are a community of talented and experienced employees who are committed to providing the best solution for PCB Assembly manufacturing services. We have a reputation for excellent communication, superior service, on-time delivery and a strong commitment to quality.

In 2011, Troy Richert and Micheal Walker partnered to launch RW Technologies in Crystal Lake, IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago. Our company provides electronic manufacturing services including:

hand assembling a circuit board


Quick Turn NPI

Your designs, our precision. Fast, reliable prototypes.

metal PCB assembly


Our advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and technology is designed for speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Repairs and Upgrades

Removal and replacement of surface mount and through-hole components on electronic printed circuit boards.

sourcing circuit board parts

Parts Procurement

Sourcing your parts to save you money and hassle. Our volume pricing allows us to pass savings on to our customers.

Component Warehousing

At RW Technologies, we warehouse your parts in our environmentally controlled stock room.

Circuit Board Box Build

Box Build Assembly

Taking your assemblies to the next level by providing custom enclosures, wiring and other mechanical requirements.

We provide Quick-Turn Prototypes and Low to Medium Volume PCB Assembly.

We cater to the engineer who needs quick turn prototypes

  • Low unit costs
  • Quick turnaround time to keep your product launch on schedule
  • Flexible design specifications
  • All production takes place in our facility outside of Chicago

RW Technologies’ Trifold Tech Approach

Together, our team not only builds electronic circuit boards, but also strong business relationships. We continue to grow the company on our Trifold Tech Approach, a three-legged stool that focuses on our:

  • Superior US Quality
  • Quick, Flexible Turnarounds
  • Global Cost-Competitiveness

Our efficiencies are based on:

  • Retention of a highly-skilled team of employees
  • Low overhead
  • Data-driven software and know-how that help ensure quality and flexibility
  • Integrity in all we do


Troy Richert
Troy RichertPresident
With his extensive experience in engineering, quality assurance, and manufacturing operations, Troy is the president of RW Technologies. Troy is experienced with identifying critical issues and developing effective, timely countermeasures.
When you need to “talk technical”, contact Troy.
Micheal Walker
Micheal WalkerVP Procurement
Micheal manages the front office and procurement of RW Technologies. He ensures that the components and box enclosures are available to produce your assemblies or individual prototypes. When you need to talk procurement or logistics, such as how to transfer your product from China to the United States, ask for Micheal.
Scott Broderick
Scott BroderickQuality Manager
Scott ensures that our customers receive what they are expecting through the management of our quality systems and technical infrastructure. Two decades of engineering, operations & quality management experience affords him the ability to dive deep and solve problems across all areas of the organization. Whether you are experiencing a problem or would just like to discuss the specifics of a product, ask for Scott.
Val Bedard
Val BedardInventory Control Manager
Val manages receiving and the stockroom. She has been the “material girl” for over 40 years, and is knowledgeable in all aspects of inventory.
Bill Perry
Bill PerrySpecial Projects Manager
Bill is our “go-to” guy for making sure things are done on time and within budget. As Troy’s right hand on the shop floor, you can rest assured Bill is making sure projects are progressing as they should. You can count on Bill to get the job done!


Enable our customers to rapidly bring new products to market by providing electronics manufacturing services.

“Teamwork is at the core of everything we do.”