Electronic Circuit Board Designs and Prototypes

At RW Technologies, we apply our Trifold Tech Approach of 1) Superior US Quality, 2) Quick, Flexible Turnarounds, and 3) Global Cost-Competitiveness to produce both prototypes and high-volume production.

No matter your stage of development, we help bring your innovations to life.

  • The RW Tech team’s vast technology, quality, and manufacturing experience allows us to foresee potential obstacles that others may miss.
  • Circuit board designs (schematics and layouts) are validated which can solve many would-be problems before producing a finished prototype.
  • Lean manufacturing principles streamline all our processes.
  • Our commitment to quality allows us to meet or exceed the international standards of IPC-A-610 and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Requirements.
  • Design-for-manufacturing (DFM) review validates your layout and helps ensure that your prototype can be manufactured.
  • We focus on time-to-market and on-time delivery.

Turning Your Schematic or Layout Into a Prototype

If you’re an engineer with a circuit board design, we can produce the prototype you need.

As part of our standard DFM review, we’ll troubleshoot hidden circuit board design challenges that could impact assembly. Then, we’ll manufacture your prototype and can mass produce your printed circuit board assembly.

Bringing an Innovation to Life

If you’re an innovator without an engineering background, we can help you. An electronic device requires a working circuit board. To introduce a new product to market, you’ll need a functioning prototype that can be manufactured.

We work with innovators to validate ideas and bring circuit board to life. If your idea can be successful, we can create your prototype and mass produce your circuit boards.

Additional Options for Prototypes

We offer our customers several options for manufacturing, engineering, and material logistics:

Learn more about our printed circuit board manufacturing.

“We’re not just order takers. We don’t build boards that won’t be successful. We build it right. We build it like it’s our own.”