Material Sourcing

We source your materials to save you money and hassles.
Our volume pricing allows us to pass savings on to our customers. This is part of our global cost-competitiveness.

Component Procurement

Because we have close relationships with our distributors, you get faster responses and quotes. We also know which distributors to rely on for efficient procurement—those who can deliver your high-quality components as quickly as possible.

This is part of our efficiency, streamlining of processes and our quick, flexible turnarounds.

We offer Turnkey quotes (material + labor) 5 business days or less.

Quality Circuit Board Components

We focus on quality in all we do. We meet or exceed ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Requirements and the international standards of IPC-A-610. Our vast industry experience and knowledge also allows us to choose distributors we can rely on for high-quality circuit board components.

On-Site Storage and Warehousing

We’re able to warehouse and manage your inventory at no charge to you. This helps ensure that your parts are available when you need them.

Lead times on some  raw materials can be notoriously long. When we warehouse and manage your inventory, we can provide the quick turnarounds that you need.

Our distributor relationships enable us to secure and schedule out material for timely production of your PCBA’s. This helps to ensure availability when you’re ready to build.

Component Traceability

We also offer lot code traceability. We can easily identify the lot code and when the raw component(s) was manufactured to see if it was part of any announced recall.

The RW Technologies Trifold Tech Approach

Our commitment to quality, timeliness, and cost-competitiveness is integrated in all we do. It’s part of RW Technologies Trifold Tech Approach.

“We’re not just order takers. We don’t build boards that won’t be successful. We build it right. We build it like it’s our own.”