We can troubleshoot problems, repair circuit boards, and upgrade them.

We have the equipment, the skill, and the team to do it. We meet or exceed standards in a cost-effective, timely manner.

If you had your printed circuits boards assembled elsewhere and now have problems, we can help. Our team of experts will troubleshoot and make the repairs and upgrades as needed.

  • Did you order circuit boards overseas (or from another US company), and they’re failing?

  • Did you create a circuit board design or prototype that isn’t working as you intended?

  • Do you know if your circuit board schematic or layout can be manufactured?

  • Did your previous company insert the wrong components into your circuit board, and they need to be replaced?

  • Were your components or your printed circuit boards exposed to high temperature or humidity because of improper storage and you need to salvage your inventory?

Circuit Board Repairs at RW Technologies

We specialize in the removal and replacement of surface mount and through-hole parts on printed circuit boards. With our advanced equipment, quality focus, and skilled team, we can help you quickly repair or upgrade circuit board assemblies to:

  • Bring your new product to market or
  • Return your existing products to the field

Our US-based facility is conveniently located in Crystal Lake, IL—northwest of Chicago.

The RW Technologies Trifold Tech Approach

We guarantee your satisfaction of our circuit board troubleshooting, repair, and upgrade services with our Trifold Tech Approach.

“We’re not just order takers. We don’t build boards that won’t be successful. We build it right. We build it like it’s our own.”