The Case of the Innovation Prototype

The Big Idea

A graduate student from a well-known East Coast university think tank had many ideas for innovations. One of his innovations was a remote-control pill dispenser.
The electronic dispenser would mete out the exact dose at the precise time. This would enable people, like his mother and others who relied on many different medications at different times, to improve adherence to their prescribed medication regimens.

The Snag

There was only one problem. He had no idea how to build the pill dispenser’s circuit board, manage the logistics, or manufacture the product.

The Opportunity

He wanted to take an innovative idea and turn it into a reality.

That’s when he called RW Technologies.

He needed RW Technologies Trifold Tech Approach:

  • Superior US Quality
  • Quick, Flexible Turnarounds
  • Global Cost-Competitiveness

RW Technologies Innovation Validation

We designed his circuit board, validated that it would work properly, then assembled his printed circuit board prototype. As always, we validated at every phase of development, helping ensure that his idea could be manufactured.

We validated his layout, and we conducted a design-for-manufacturing review (DFM) to help ensure the prototype could be manufactured.

In all our processes, we met or exceeded ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Requirements and the international standards of IPC-A-610.

Funding of the Product Innovation

The grad student used the prototype to shop his idea. Soon, he received a mega-fund from an insurance company.

Where is he today? Perhaps sipping piña coladas on a beach in the Caribbean.
RW Technologies is proud to have been part of his success.

Do you have an idea that you drew on the back of a napkin? Are you an engineer with a circuit board design? We can help you validate your layout and its manufacturability. If successful, we can build your circuit board prototype.