The Man With the PCBA Problem

A man walked into RW Technologies. He had a problem. He had contracted with a company that assembled all of his printed circuit boards in China.

The printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) was part of an LED display for the gaming industry. The promised launch date for the release of the displays was quickly approaching. In fact, they were already behind schedule.

He needed RW Technologies Trifold Tech Approach:

  • Superior US Quality
  • Quick, Flexible Turnarounds
  • Global Cost-Competitiveness

He needed our focus on validation at every phase. Our design for manufacturing (DFM) review. Our time-to-market focus. Our ability to meet or exceed ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Requirements and the international standards of IPC-A-610.

He needed it all yesterday.

Why the PCBA Was Faulty

Not surprising, before ordering the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) from China, no one had gone through a thorough validation process.

Similarly, the Chinese manufacturer followed the faulty design. Mass production was begun. The botched boards were shipped back to the United States.

Skipping the crucial steps of validation and the design for manufacturing (DFM) review proved disastrous.

None of the boards worked.

The competitor company refused to reimburse for the faulty boards. This circuit board competitor company was simply an order taker.

Our PCBA Troubleshooting and Repair

RW Technologies quickly did some circuit board assembly troubleshooting.  We modified the design of the circuit board. We validated at every phase. We applied our team’s vast experience and knowledge to repair the boards.

When we validated, we looked at what could possibly go wrong during manufacturing (a DFM review).
Then we re-assembled the printed boards. We applied our high-quality standards without undue costs or lead times.

In this case, we quickly repaired hundreds of circuit boards in time for the launch. The functioning LED displays lit up Las Vegas, and the customer breathed a sigh of relief.

Do you have a faulty PCBA that needs troubleshooting? Does your PCBA need our experienced team and a design for manufacturing (DFM) review? Do you want to prevent the problem of failing circuit boards?