The Problem

The phone rang. It was an engineer from a Chicago-area overhead lighting company. He had hired a company in Michigan to produce his circuit boards for LED lights.

Although the lights were rated for 10,000 hours of continuous light days, they were falling far short of expectations.
The lights would be installed in retail stores. In short order, they would burn out. They were expensive and inconvenient to replace. They kept failing in the field.

The Opportunity

The engineer hired RW Technologies.

We applied RW Technologies Trifold Tech Approach:

  • Superior US Quality
  • Quick, Flexible Turnarounds
  • Global Cost-Competitiveness

We strive to meet or exceed ISO 9001:2015 Requirements and the international standards of IPC-A-610. We also validate at every phase of our electronic circuit board manufacturing.

As part of our validation process, we placed thermal couples on the circuit boards. We discovered that the LEDs on the boards were generating so much heat, they were creating hot spots. These hot spots were causing some of the component parts to fail. The lights quickly burned out.

We created a new circuit board design that allowed for better heat transfer outside the board. We increased the amount of copper in the circuit boards to better dissipate the heat.

The LED lights burned brightly. To this day, we continue to build the engineer’s circuit boards.

Do you have a printed circuit box that’s failing in the field? Do you want to help prevent circuit board problems by hiring RW Technologies’ experienced team?